Sunday, November 30, 2014

Browser Hijackers and digital DNA

I would like to bring the dangers of browser hijackers and dangers of the Internet to people’s attention. Browser hijackers may redirect Internet users to border criminal web sites against their will. They may also write questionable links to Internet browser favorites. Very often they redirect users to porn web sites.
In the year 2004 there was an article published in Wired News.

The name of this article was ‘Browser Hijackers Ruining lives’ and the topic was computer spyware and how dangerous it may be. Some parts of this article were written from an interview with me. The article described Browser Hijackers as some type of spyware written by computer criminals. Also article in Wired News described individual sent in jail because of Browser Hijacker.
Recently there were 2 very serious articles published, one in the Homeland Security Wire web site and another from Fox News web site. They have links to the article in Wired News ‘Browser Hijackers Ruining lives’ written in 2004. They describe again the same criminal case of porn possession, 8 years later.
You can read in article “Digital DNA the new DNA” in the Homeland Security Wire web site:

‘With the increasing ubiquity of computers, smart phones, and other electronic devices comes a torrent of “digital DNA,” which can be used to record an individual’s every move and even convict them of a crime. In one case from 2002, an individual was sent to jail after police found pornographic images on his computer, but security experts later said law enforcement officials had mishandled the digital evidence.’
I think Homeland Security Wire is a very serious web site, and this is a very serious “mishandling the digital evidence” accusation.
The experts explained that a “browser hijacker” could have been used to remotely plant the pornographic images on the suspect’s computer without their knowledge.
There was also an article in Fox News ‘Fighting crime with digital DNA’. There is also a link to the Wired article ‘Browser Hijackers Ruining lives’
Fox News Editor Jeremy Kaplan wrote,
‘Attorneys are very good at taking digital evidence out of context and then convincing a jury of the guilt of someone based on it. In 2002, “Jack” was sent to jail after police found pornographic images on his home computer. Security experts later told Wired News that the digital data had been mishandled: They suggested it could have been put on his computer remotely through what’s called a “browser hijacker” — a malicious bit of software that changes browser settings and can easily be built to store data on a PC’
You may understand that this is all very serious. Minnesota Hennepin County Law Enforcements mishandled digital evidence in 2002-2004. And you may remember who was District Attorney in this county from 2002 to 2004: Amy Klobuchar, now a US Senator. I do not understand why they published this 8 years later. I may tell you that I am still surprised to what degree law enforcements did not care about any evidence from 2002 to 2004. They just wanted to convict people. I just think if the Fox News and Homeland Security Wire web sites wrote about this 8 years later, many others may be interested. In 2004 article ‘Browser Hijackers ruining lives’ was read by many millions of people in different countries. Too many people remember this.

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