Wednesday, September 21, 2016

residency restrictions in South Saint Paul - danger for public safety

I read this article

City of South St Paul are going to enact residency restrictions for sex offenders, leaving a very small choices to find housing for them. Because this is central city, we may see domino effect, when most of Twin cities will start passing residency restrictions, Minnetonka among them. Actually this mean chasing registering sex offenders outside metro area, which can create a huge public safety concern.
Even offenders who currently have housing may become confined to their current address, unable to move, and this is violation of US constitution.

Suggestion from RSOL is to find lawyer and sue this City . They are doing this in many states, and and courts usually do not support these laws. As you may understand enacting this law may cause domino effect in whole Twin Cities and greatly endanger public safety. Police are usually against any residency restrictions.
As you may see from this law text they not only prohibit level 3 offenders but also anybody convicted of any low level sex crime and even not on Sex offenders registry. Lawyers should be happy to get some money from this city. We have a great success in California.
What do you suggest to do. Is it possible to find lawyer and file lawsuit.