Wednesday, September 21, 2016

residency restrictions in South Saint Paul - danger for public safety

I read this article

City of South St Paul are going to enact residency restrictions for sex offenders, leaving a very small choices to find housing for them. Because this is central city, we may see domino effect, when most of Twin cities will start passing residency restrictions, Minnetonka among them. Actually this mean chasing registering sex offenders outside metro area, which can create a huge public safety concern.
Even offenders who currently have housing may become confined to their current address, unable to move, and this is violation of US constitution.

Suggestion from RSOL is to find lawyer and sue this City . They are doing this in many states, and and courts usually do not support these laws. As you may understand enacting this law may cause domino effect in whole Twin Cities and greatly endanger public safety. Police are usually against any residency restrictions.
As you may see from this law text they not only prohibit level 3 offenders but also anybody convicted of any low level sex crime and even not on Sex offenders registry. Lawyers should be happy to get some money from this city. We have a great success in California.
What do you suggest to do. Is it possible to find lawyer and file lawsuit.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Identification passports of Soviet Jews and sex offenders identifications in US passports

I read an article about International Megan law in Wall Street Journal.
This law require identification sex offenders in their passports. In my past in former USSR I was identified in my passport as a Jew. I wrote this post to describe my experience and compare it with
International Megan law sex offenders identification 

I sent to author this letter:

I am former Soviet Jew and came to USA as a political refugee on human rights. My parents survived in Holocaust.
I remember the story of my grandfather. In 1941 year he was called in Soviet army. His document identified him as a Jew.
He learned that Nazi look at passports of captured soldiers and shoot everybody with Jewish identification. He took passport of his friend who was killed in fighting. His friend was identified as Ukrainian . Next day Nazi captured his unit. They looked at passports and shot all people with
Jewish identity. Also they killed all people with black hair. Nazi looked at my grandfather passport and let him go. He went back to Soviets, tried to fight, was wounded, and captured again. But he has a different Identity in his passport and he survived. He said that many Jew who served in Soviet army and had Jewish ID were killed by their fellow soldiers shooting them in the back. Long after World War 2 my grandfather had his Ukrainian Passport. It was easier for him to live. After World War 2, when 6 millions Jewish people were killed by German Nazi, there was a huge antisemitism in USSR. Many soviet citizens helped Nazi to kill Jews. I heard many times when some people talked that Hitler was a great man only because he killed many Jews, and unfortunately he was not allowed to finish this job.
There was a different story with my parents and me. We had internal passports with chapter 5
where anybody could read
5. Nationality ........ Jew
If you think this was better than sex offenders identify in modern USA, you are wrong. Some people might learn this and start fighting or screaming loudly how they hate  you. Human Resources representative could took your passport and exclude you from job candidates. There were also silent instructions from soviet government to look at chapter 5 nationality and make hiring decision, also admissions to leading Universities
I remember opening my red Soviet passport and reading Jew nationality, and I hated that. Any Jewish identities were already removed by communists. Jewish schools were closed, synagogues were destroyed and 3 millions of Jewish people were killed by German Nazi with great help from Passport mark. I think many people with Jew mark in their passports felt the same. People started to seek ways to escape from USSR.  Not a long ago Russia removed mark in passport, but it was too late. Too many people left. They helped Israel and US economy, and Russia with former soviet republics are still very poor Developing countries with nuclear bombs.
I left Belarus in 1997 year, and main reason for leaving was mark in my passport. When I arrived in US I got a job with Mitsubishi Electric Automaton,  Japanese company. There was no Jewish identification in my documents and when I became a US citizen
I could read in my US passport
Nationality ....United States of America. That was a good feeling.
What happened then you can learn from this article written after interview with me. I may explain more.

Browser Hijackers Ruining Lives

I got conviction for porn and was placed on sex offenders registry in Minnesota for 10 years. 2 years ago I was removed.
But with this International Megan Law my passport will be marked. Instead of Jew I will have Sex Offender. No difference. I got the same situation.
You can read my story here

Saturday, January 23, 2016

comment to article 'The yellow star, the scarlet letter, and ‘International Megan’s Law’

Here is my post in comments to this article

The yellow star, the scarlet letter, and ‘International Megan’s Law’
When I was a Soviet citizen, and after 1991 citizen of Belarus, there was a line in my passport which identified me as a Jew.
This looked like: 5. Nationality: Jew.
Even all russian jews was not religious, because soviet state destroyed all Jewish religious institutions, closed jewish schools, destroyed all books on their language. The only thing they kept was Jew in passport, just like nazi Germany J.
Nazi Germany was not the only country known to add such a moniker to the passports of its citizens. There were USSR and Belarus. As you understand identifying somebody as a Jew was very harmful for that person, discrimination at any situation like getting job, education and so on. Even beating by angry idiots hating you just for being a Jew.

I remember my grandfather story from ww2. He had document identify him as a Jew, and he took passport of dead person without such identity. This way he was not killed by Germans nazi. All people with jew in their documents were killed by nazi who also were christians.