Friday, February 24, 2017

A message to KARE 11 journalist: sex offenders bill HF 1572

I also read the HF 1572 bill and already contacted some lawmakers.
I noticed that there are only republicans as an authors, no democrats.
This bill is too harsh to believe, even prosecutors agreed. I think this bill impose so impossible requirements on offenders, that it make no sense to try to follow, everybody will go to prison for lifetime, even for minor crimes.
Did you read entire bill?
Also if passed Minnesota will need to build a lot of prisons. This problem is not so simple as to solve with one bill, and sentence all sex offenders for lifetime.
This will establish a very repressive police state in Minnesota where nobody is safe. If you are investigator for KARE, you should investigate all sides of problem, not just take one terrible case and solve the problem.
I just hope you answer me and we can communicate on this very important topic